#1292 cow & her present calf

  This is the #1292 cow that raised the 2001 Grand Champion Steer at Denver. She is sired by Bookem Dano & out of an Eldon Starr herd Sim x Angus cow. This cow is 14 years old now. I have never sold a calf under a $1,000 out of her. She has produced me only 1 heifer which was out of Platinum & was a good one, but I lost her @ calving with an awesome freak. She has been flushed once the same way as the Grand @ Denver with 15 #1 eggs by Transova in OK. One of the eggs sold for high dollars, & that calf placed 8th out of a very large class at the Texas State Fair, & was also just recently a class winner at the SW District Show in Chickasha, OK. She raised several sale makers @ terminal shows in NM, & you can see her present 11/05 calf by my clean-up bull pictured. Contact me for flushing of this cow & future sale.

Heat Wave x 692

  #692 is a full sister to 1292 which has raised nearly all heifers. She is 15 years old. Raised a calf that stood 2nd in class to the Nat'l Champion Gregory Kadabra heifer, a Reserve Bred & Owned @ the OK City Spring Livestock Show, & the Reserve Champion Exotic heifer @ the Miss. State Fair, shown by the Sullivan family.
I currently have 2 young cows in the herd out of #692 which have already produced herd toppers & will be great ones some day. #692 has been flushed once with the Sullivan family in Mize, Miss. She produced 15 #1 eggs in that flush also. The Sullivans have 2 bull calves on the ground presently from this flush, which they are highly pleased with. This flush was a mix of Lifeline & Heat Wave. I currently have 7 Embryos 4 for sale. Please contact me for details.

Pictured above is a smokie ET Calf out of Heat Wave x 692.
Raised and sold by the Sullivan family.
Another ET full sib and this one combined to sell for $6200 in 2006.

GRIF Ms Cunia 28B

  This Cunia cow was the dam of Free Agent. Her 1st calf was a full brother to Free Agent & won his class in Houston. She also raised the Reserve Champion Bull Calf at Denver & Ft. Worth in 1999. 28B was an All-American in 1995 & Silver All-American in 1996 in the Maine Anjou breed. She died un-timely with cancer, after having produced 3 full sisters to Free Agent which have all raised proven off-spring.

Patty cow

  Sire: Babe Ruth
Dam: 1/2 MA Covino III X BWF

Patty is 5/8 MA & her 1st calf won Champion Hereford at the 2001 Tulsa State Fair (Breed Champion 13 times). Her 2nd calf by Eskimo Joe was purchased by Tony Austin & won several Jackpot shows. Her 3rd calf by Double Stuff is still in our herd & placed 4th in a large Commercial class at the OKC Spring Show.

97H cow

  Sire: Babe Ruth
Dam: (1/2 MA x Angus) Covino III(son)

This is a leading cow in the herd that has always raised a good one.

#069 cow

  Sire: Free Agent
Dam: #69-1/2 MA (Covino III x BWF)

#069 raised the 2nd place Simmental steer at the New Mexico State Fair. She has raised 4 calves for me, & all have been keepers.

Justin Cow

  Sire: Free Agent
Dam: 3/4 Maine Anjou

This young cow is getting better every day, she is already doing a great job. Her 2005 steer calf was one of our top calves. In 2004 year she had her Kadabra heifer which was one of our very best calves.