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View Babe Ruth at 12 months of age!
AMAA 170004  •  Sire: Black Perfection 22 "Ace"  •  Dam: DMCC Tootsie 80Y
BW: 85 lbs  -  WW 520 lbs.  Babe Ruth was moderate framed, thick topped & thick quartered.
With 4 shots of the legendary Cunia in his pedigree, Babe Ruth was synonymous with greatness.
Two of my Donors that Babe Ruth sired are pictured below:

Patty cow

97H cow

Semen Available        DNA tested Homozygous Black
Free Agent incorporates all of the traditional features the Maine-Anjou breed has been long
sought after with the added benefits of doability, muscle power, moderate size, & maternal
strength.  And his dam, GRIF Ms Cunia 28B, is a superior female in every sense of the word.
Two of my Donors that Free Agent sired are pictured below:

Justin cow

#069 cow

Lifeline, out of a Free Agent daughter
Sold by the Sullivan Family 2006